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A Bittersweet Ending For Harry Potter

By Nancy Hsu

BRISBANE, Australia – In the last installment of the long awaited finale, Harry Potter and the Deathy Hallows Part 2, with nothing left to conceal, truths are unveiled, relationships developed, friendships cemented and the fight for good as strong as ever.
The beautifully and magically crafted movie – with its healthy doses of witty humor, action and heart – immersed viewers so that every scene made us laugh, smile, cry or peek through finger gaps to see what was happening.

I left the cinema satisfied, impressed and a little bittersweet that the Harry Potter journey was now over.The general storyline of the movie showed Harry, kept in a safe house at the beginning of the film, ready to venture off with pals Hermione and Ron to find and destroy objects that arch enemy Lord Voldemort relies on to survive.
While their peers are held captive under the reign of evil, the trio, in full knowledge that they very well may be killed in the process, still go forth despite fearing for their lives.
More than ever, they have to trust and rely on each other – and family, friends, and Hogwarts teachers, too – who still believe in standing for good or sacrificing their lives trying to ward off the worst.
Many characters have matured, including Hermione (Emma Watson), now a beautiful young woman, but still her intelligent, confident self. Watson has noticeably stretched her ability and portrayed her character perfectly with a strength that should inspire many young female fans.
Harry, tested and tried in every movie, is no different this time around.
Harry shows a heart of gold when he is ultimately willing to sacrifice his life in order to fulfill the plans of his old mentor, a man many have told him not to trust. But he stays true in his trust to the man he loved and looked up the most.
With great courage, Harry fights with steely strength and determination in the final showdown with Voldemort.
How it all turns out will be left unsaid for those who haven’t read the book or seen the movie.
But here’s a secret: it’s magical.