YJI has accepted its latest group of new students who are starting in January, 2024. There may be another group admitted later in the year, but for now, we are not taking anyone new.

If you applied, but did not hear from us, check your email (including spam, trash and promotions folders that sometimes screen out emails from YJI). If you did hear from us, respond quickly. Orientation sessions are beginning in late January.

If you did not get an email, it is not because we didn’t want you. It is most likely because unfortunately we cannot admit everyone – we just don’t have the capacity. Feel free to apply again and/or reach out later in the year to let us know you are still interested.


If you are 19 or or younger, we would be delighted to have you apply to be a student at Youth Journalism International!

Youth Journalism International is an educational nonprofit, or non-governmental organization dedicated to teaching young people. Its mission is to connect teen writers, artists and photographers with their peers around the globe, teach journalism, foster cross-cultural understanding and promote and defend a free youth press.

The commitment to YJI is one you make to yourself.

There is no cost to join. It is absolutely free. [See this page for Frequently Asked Questions.]

We have members all around the world, on six continents, many countries and most U.S. states.

Students get out of the program what they put into it. We have nothing to offer except our expertise, encouragement and access to places to publish. Students are not paid so don’t apply if you’re looking for a job.

Students who invest the most time and energy tend to have the best results, but everyone’s level of involvement is different. We might ask you to write something specific, but it is your choice whether to do it or not. Mostly, we ask students to think about their own schools and towns and tell us what they think the stories are. Then we can help them sort it out and teach them how to go about it.

This program is for self-motivated teens, and might not work for those who need constant attention and direction, which is something we just cannot give. There is no paid staff yet so all of the work is done by volunteers in whatever spare time they can offer.

So we really rely on students to do what real reporters do, which is to come up with their own ideas. Of course we will have suggestions, but they might not work or appeal to everyone.

We will offer help if someone needs it and is putting forth a lot of effort. Our involvement with any student largely depends on what they’re willing to do. Some are really busy and can only do a little bit. Others get very excited about this and do a great deal so we tend to have much more contact with them. Those who do the most usually learn a lot more, but everyone gets something out of it.

A student who has the desire and time to participate will be able to handle it.

We strongly recommend that interested young people discuss this with their parents or family and let us know what they think. We’re happy to answer questions, but hope that anybody who is interested will read everything they can about the organization first.

If you’re interested in joining Youth Journalism International, please fill in our application form (be sure to scroll down to the bottom, answering every question you can and then hit SUBMIT to send it to us). Here is the form.