Many of the participants at YJI's 2023 Global Conference in Prague.

Postcards from Prague: journalism, cultural exchange, friendship and self-discovery

Postcards from Prague is a collection of news stories, travel writing, personal commentary and lots of photos that document Youth Journalism International’s 2023 Global Conference in Prague, Czechia. This page will be continually updated until all the work from conference participants is published.

YJI’s Anjola Fashawe reports from the Charles Bridge in Prague

Part One

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Norah Springborn over the Charles Bridge at Golden Hour.

Check back here for more news, commentary and images from the 2023 Global Conference in Prague, Czechia.

Viktorie Goldmannová/YJI

Newcomer finds self-confidence at YJI conference in Prague

Senior Photographer Anne van Mill hard at work in Prague.

Watch a recording of our public forum about the Prague conference, featuring many of the students who attended: