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Prague lives up to the nickname ‘Golden City’

Prague. (Erin Timur/YJI)

PRAGUE – From the architecture, to the cuisine, to the luscious greenery, Prague is a city that is captivating to the millions of tourists who visit. It is clearly a city made to be lived in and enjoyed. 

At Youth Journalism International’s Global Conference in Prague, one of the first things I noticed was impeccable infrastructure for public transport. Buses, trams, and subways are available at every corner of the city for tourists to hop on and travel around.

Easy access to tickets, acceptable fares and maps all around make it fairly easy to get to all the attractions Prague has to offer. Not to mention it makes the city a lot more accessible for locals without the means to buy a car.

One of the main problems with traveling on a budget is the food.

With restaurants charging a lot more than what seems reasonable simply due to the fact that they are in a tourist location, food in Prague is on the expensive side.

The view from Prague’s Petřín Hill. (Erin Timur/YJI)

This is where the supermarkets come in. Most supermarkets in Prague offer fresh sandwiches, salads, wraps, at a reasonable price – a most convenient option for tourists and locals alike.

Another thing you notice while touring the city is the beautiful architecture at every corner.

The detail and thought put into every single building, the intricacy of the carvings – it’s clear that Prague was a city made with an elegant aesthetic in mind, one that was executed masterfully. The muted colors, stone sculptures and bright green flora creates a cohesive scenery reminiscent of a Rembrant landscape.

Gold adorns every crevice of important buildings. From opera houses to ministries, the gold detailing catches the sunlight, reflecting onto those walking below. With its many gold-tipped towers and gold-adorned statues, it isn’t a surprise that one of Prague’s nicknames is the ‘Golden City.’

I cannot imagine someone living in Prague ever getting used to its magnificence.

A bird’s eye view of Prague. (Erin Timur/YJI)

As a tourist, it is overwhelmingly beautiful. It is wonderfully fitting to see fresh orchids adorning most of the statues, those in cathedrals, churches, and on top of buildings.

Orchids, a symbol of love, beauty, and refinement, perfectly encapsulate the atmosphere surrounding the wondrous city of Prague.

Erin Timur is a Senior Reporter with Youth Journalism International from Cyprus.  She wrote this piece and contributed photos.

Correspondent Lyat Melese of the United States and Senior Correspondent Bilge Güven of Türkiye also contributed photos.

Erin Timur gazing out at the city during Prague’s ‘Golden Hour.” (Bilge Güven/YJI)

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