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Photogenic Prague: don’t miss these sites

(Anne van Mill/YJI)
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PRAGUE – The city of Prague has everything: beautiful towers, bridges and castles. From teenagers with an interrail pass to older couples, the capital of Czechia has become a well-known place for city trips.

With all the opportunities Prague offers, you might have no idea where to start while visiting the place.

These 15 pictures might give you some ideas about the most wonderful spots to see in Prague.

YJI’s Owen Ferguson takes in the view from Prague Castle. (Anne van Mill/YJI)

Prague Castle

A guard at Prague Castle. (Anne van Mill/YJI)

The over 1,000-year-old Prague Castle is located on the side of the city.  It provides multiple beautiful views over the town.

Every hour the guards in front of the castle change, and at 12 p.m. there is a big ceremony with an exchange of flags and a trumpet call.  Definitely worth watching.

Members of the band at Prague Castle after a performance. (Anne van Mill/YJI)

Karlstejn Castle

About an hour by train from Prague’s central train station there is another castle named Karlstejn Castle.

On the way from the train stop, you walk along a small street with different tiny shops leading towards the castle grounds.

Karlstejn is located in a totally different environment than Prague Castle.

After the climb to the top of this castle, you will have an overview of the beautiful natural landscape of the Czech Republic.

Bridges and Towers

The Charles Bridge (Anne van Mill/YJI)

Across the Vlatava River are a couple of old bridges worth walking across. They give you an amazing view.

The Charles Bridge is the most famous bridge out of all of them. It has multiple statues, sometimes live music and little stands where people sell jewelry. Artists are there, too, ready to draw portraits for tourists.

At the east side of the Charles Bridge is the Old Town Bridge Tower that you can walk under, or you can climb up the stairs to see an amazing view over the whole bridge and Prague Castle.

In summer, the sun sets exactly behind the castle which shows a beautiful silhouette of the building. This makes it a great place to be during the early evening.

Prague Castle at sunset. (Anne van Mill/YJI)
Small boats on the Vlatava River. (Anne van Mill/YJI)
YJI’s Norah Springborn in front of the Astronomical Clock. (Anne van Mill/YJI)

The Astronomical Clock Tower is the attraction that is shown on all magnets, shirts and other merchandise you can get in the souvenir shops.

It is absolutely one of the biggest highlights.

Every hour, Old Town Square is full of tourists watching as the figures inside the tower come out and spin around for a while.

The clock tower also provides an amazing view of the center of the city.

The Clementinum Astronomical Tower and Baroque Library

Nearby is the Clementinum, which includes the old Baroque Library.

It was built in the year 1722 and is known to be one of the most beautiful libraries in the world.

Recently renovated, it is now open for visitors again.

You can only take a look inside with a guide.

Treat yourself!

When in Prague, make sure to taste their national ice cream.

The cone is made of a special dough and can be filled with fresh fruit, ice-cream, whipped cream or other delicious fillings.

It is really popular with tourists and therefore they sell the dish in almost every corner of the city. 

Anne van Mill is a Senior Photographer and Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International from the Netherlands. She wrote this essay and took all the photos, except for the one of herself.

Viktorie Goldmannová is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International from Czechia. She took the photo of Anne van Mill.

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