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Chinese Welcome The Year Of The Rabbit

To welcome in The Year of the Rabbit on Thursday, Youth Journalism International Reporter Nancy Hsu took these pictures in Brisbane, Australia, and wrote about the holiday below:

By Nancy Hsu
Youth Journalism International
BRISBANE, Australia – Festivities abounded this week as Chinese New Year hit the city on Thursday.
Many Asian residents, as well as non-Asians, took part in the holiday festivities.
Traditions such as giving of red packets – red envelopes filled with money – lion dancing and firecrackers all help celebrate the occasion.
Traditions such as these are a sign of good luck and to scare away evil spirits but to young people today, especially to second-generation Asians who grew up in Australia, the original purpose of the day has lost its meaning.
For me and many others who celebrate Chinese New Year, it is merely a day for entertainment and to remember our culture.
But we celebrate along with our first-generation Asian parents and elders who still believe in the reasons behind the traditions.