Holidays Ramadan

Ramadan Journal — Day 7 — Time flies

A week passed. I didn’t feel a thing, though. I don’t think anyone did.

It’s unexplainable how quickly time passes when you’re so consumed.

Any typical school week would have taken ages to pass. You know that “when will this end” feeling you get by the time Wednesday arrives?
For some reason that doesn’t happen in Ramadan. It’s almost like every second is blessed. 
Needless to say, the peaceful spirit is starting to sink in.
I think I ate too much for iftar (breaking the fast meal) so I’m in this couch potato mood.
Nothing interesting for today, but stay tuned for pictures of the traditional Ramadan desserts, kunafa, atayef and more.
In the meantime check out this cool Muslim dude, Kareem Salama.
He’s an Arab American country singer. I love how he uses music to build bridges. Here’s a link to one of his really pretty songs.