Deadly Mumbai Blasts

YJI Senior Reporter Pushkal Shivam in Mumbai, India is venturing out tonight to find out what he can about the three bomb blasts that struck that city today.

Pushkal is 18 and has proven his reporting prowess in his interview with the Dalai Lama, coverage of corruption protests in his country and much more.

Most recently, he gained access to a prison, where he did both text and video reporting of what he found there, including footage of the innocent children forced to live behind bars because their parents are incarcerated.

It’s all on this site, so take a look while we wait for what our man in Mumbai can learn about what happened there.

Also, on his own initiative, Pushkal made a video, which you can see on the right side of the blog, about his involvement with Youth Journalism International. It’s worth watching. If you don’t see the picture, click on the video box — on top of it reads, “Why Help YJI?”

When you’ve read all of Pushkal’s work, keep browsing! There’s so much here to discover from talented young journalists all over the world.

Please check back as we will post Pushkal’s reports from Mumbai as soon as we get them.