YJI’s current Ambassadors


Ambassadors for Youth Journalism International are volunteers who introduce YJI to friends and family members, co-workers and professional associates. Their role is to promote YJI and represent it where the live and work to expand the pool of donors and volunteers who support YJI’s mission: to connect teen writers, artists and photographers with peers around the globe, teach journalism, foster cross-cultural understanding and promote and defend a free youth press.

Youth Journalism International is so grateful that all of the following people have agreed to be an Ambassador for the organization.

GODFREY BROKENROPE (Aurora, Neb. police chief)

EUGENIA DURANTE (Milan, Italy – Music journalist, student)

NICOLE MEGAN GOUNDER (Durban, South Africa – University of KwaZulu Natal)

MICHELLE HARMON (Boise Idaho – Journalism teacher)

STACEY HOLLAND (Pittsburgh, Penn. – executive recruiter)

DICK INGLIS (Bristol, Conn. – Owner, Justicia International)

FRANK KEEGAN (Baltimore, Md. – Franklin Center for Government & Public Integrity)

JOE BUN KEO (Bristol, Conn. – Artist)

JOE KILLIAN (Greensboro, N.C. – Reporter)

PAUL KRIZEK (Alexandria, Va. – Executive Director, Christian Relief Services)

KAISHI LEE (Singapore – Associate at Singbridge International Singapore)

MINHA LEE (Korea – Pratt Institute)

DR. MAUREEN McCUE (Former Director, Univ. of Iowa Global Health Studies Program)

SARAH MIDDLETON (Hellertown, Penn. – Attorney)

CARA NELISSEN (Amsterdam, Netherlands – Amsterdam University College)

MIKE NGUYEN (New Haven, Conn. – Information technolgy, Sikorsky Aircraft)

TAMARA O’SHAUGHNESSY (Editor, Chicago Parent)

MARIECHEN PUCHERT (Western Cape, South Africa – Medical student)

KAREN ROUSE (New York City – Reporter – WNYC Radio)

COLLIN SEGUIN (Windsor, Conn. – Attorney)

PUSHKAL SHIVAM (Madras, India – Indian Institute of Technology student)

MIKE SOLTYS (Southington, Conn. – Vice president, ESPN)

GERALDINE SOON (Singapore – Lawyer, KhattarWong LLP)

LAURA SPERO (New York City – Founder and Director, Eva Nepal)

WALID TARIQ (Karachi, Pakistan – Journalist)

STACEY WILKINS (Nairobi, Kenya – Teacher)

HILA YOSAFI-LEHMAN (Bridgeport, Conn. – Attorney)