An Ambassador for Youth Journalism International

Rosiane Correia de Freitas

Rosiane Correia de Freitas is a journalist graduated from Universidade Federal do Paraná (UFPR), south of Brazil. She worked as a reporter in the newspaper Gazeta do Povo and Folha de Londrina, in the website and as a freelance for several other publications such as UOL News and the magazine Biodieselbr.

She was a fellow of The Washington Post and the Woodrow Wilson Center in 2010, during which she developed stories about fraud in nonprofit organizations in Brazil that were published in the Folha de Londrina in November 2010. Among the materials produced during this period is one on the use of funds from the Ministry of Tourism in promoting training courses for professionals sector promoted by the Evangelical Benefit Society of Curitiba (SEB), whose legality has been subject to investigation by the Federal Police in 2011.

She also authored the first report on state representatives in Paraná who were with their driver’s licenses suspended, but continued to drive. The report had a significant impact once it was publish just after a state deputy was involved in a serious car accident that kill two young men. The state representative were too with his driver license suspended.

Freitas is currently a professor at the journalism program of Positive University (UP), responsible for the subject of Digital Journalism. She is the coordinator of the network of journalism outlets run by the program, which includes all vehicles. She’s also responsible for Investigative Journalism class and the Center for Investigative Journalism and the Center for News Apps at the university.

She specializes in creating and managing databases, the use of informatics tools in carrying out journalistic work and creation of web applications and mobile publishing products.