An Ambassador for Youth Journalism International

  Stacey Holland


Stacey Holland serves as Executive Vice President in DHR International’s Industrial, Private Equity and CFO practice groups. Ms. Holland has successfully completed many top-level searches, including CEOs, CFOs and COOs. Ms. Holland’s 20 years of global executive search accomplishments include numerous European companies seeking leaders for their North American operations. Ms. Holland focuses her efforts on manufacturing companies with highly engineered products. Before joining DHR International, Ms. Holland was a consultant with Boyden Global Executive Search. for 13 years and previously served for seven years at a boutique consulting firm offering acquisition search, executive search and competitor intelligence studies. In 2012, Ms. Holland participated in Cornell University’s Labor and International Relations inaugural class for senior search consultants, selected from a global talent pool for advanced training in corporate strategy and human capital initiatives.

Ms. Holland earned her bachelor of science degree at Michigan State University’s Honors College. She earned her masters degree from Ohio State University.