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Fondue And Oliebollen Ring In The New Year In The Netherlands

Nelissen sisters: Caroline, Michelle and Frederike


By Caroline Nelissen
Senior Reporter
Youth Journalism International
ERMELO, Netherlands – This year we celebrated New Year’s with a fondue. We also traditionally have champagne and what we call “oliebollen.”
Roughly translated, “oliebollen” means “oilballs” (not the most charming name) and they’re basically lumps of deep-fried dough.

In the Netherlands, we eat these on New Year’s Eve.

Another picture is a ticket of the national lottery that always gives away big prizes on New Year’s Eve, but unfortunately we didn’t win anything.

Another tradition is fireworks. I tried to take pictures of ours, but the shot didn’t work out. Therefore I only have a picture of it BEFORE it exploded.

Lottery ticket


Caroline and Michelle Nelissen
The firework before lighting