Former Cricket Star, Aiming To Be Pakistan’s Next Prime Minister, Wows Youth In Lahore

A campaign truck for Imran Khan, who is running for prime minister of Pakistan, on the street in Lahore this summer. (Arooj Khalid/YJI)
LAHORE, Pakistan – Imran Khan, the politician best suited to be Pakistan’s next prime minister is the one who can make the country much better. This glorious cricketer – produced by Pakistan – today kindles the youth and fills their heart with patriotism and public spirit.
Khan, who led the Pakistani cricket team to win the nation’s only cricket World Cup in 1992, is playing for bigger stakes today as the founder and chairman of the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf party, which means Pakistan movement for justice.
After retirement from cricket, Khan’s devotion to social work included founding the cancer hospital named for his mother, Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital & Research Centre as well as other projects.
Since 2005, Khan has held the position of chancellor at the University of Bradford in England.
Khan, who works tirelessly for his political party, has won awards at home and abroad. He has two sons from his marriage to his ex-wife.
He inspires the youth of Pakistan. His policies are favored by most of the Pakistanis, and his popularity shows that the absolute majority votes of the population will go to PTI in next elections.

A youthful crowd by Imran Khan’s campaign truck on a street in Lahore. (Arooj Khalid/YJI)

The ruling Pakistan Peoples Party and the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz have fallen in popularity since Khan’s party won over the nation’s hearts in a big procession in Lahore.
Not long ago, a Khan campaign truck in Lahore showed posters of the candidate and loud, patriotic party songs echoed around the street, announcing in Urdu, “Come, be a member of Tehreek-e-Insaf! Choose your leaders, yourself!”
Arooj Khalid is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International in Pakistan.