Halloween Holidays

Halloween Slowly Catching On In Athens

ATHENS, Greece – Spooky costumes, decorations and trick-or-treating on Halloween is not something you will see on Athenian streets. Greeks are not really familiar with this celebration.
But in recent years, especially the youngest people have started to celebrate it. They do wear costumes and attend parties with Halloween themes.
In the meantime, many pastry shops bake cakes and cupcakes – which Greeks really love! – with spooky decorations and colors.
Mainly, clubs and bars celebrate this night. They organize special events with costumes and dark rooms or other special things.
In the other hand, it’s not a traditional celebration and most of the people don’t even know what Halloween is about.
They think it’s another carnival day, but with scary clothes.
In American schools though – where I was lucky to be a student once upon a time – do celebrate this day. I do have many happy, boo-ish memories of that time.
Now that I’m older, I miss the costumes, the fake haunted houses and trick-or-treating.
It was pre-Christmas for me, just in a darker mood.
But I really loved it and miss it so much! If I was to dress up today, I would definitely choose to be Morticia Adams.
Year by year, Halloween parties and events in Athens do look better and greater. In Athens we do want to know more about this day but, until then, let the parties begin, put on your costumes, and dance!
Eleni Grigovits is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.
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