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A heavy heart for Haiti

Collapsed hotel in Haiti (FEMA photos)

MESQUITE, Texas, U.S.A. — Looking at the devastating destruction in Haiti, my heart grows heavier.

Looking at dead bodies piled outside the morgue in Port-au-Prince, makes me wonder, do I have any relatives in the piles.

Since I am of Haitian descent, I can only be saddened by the recent death tolls due the 7.0 earthquake that hit Haiti on January 12.

The history of my family goes back to the island of Hispaniola. My grandfather’s mother was of Haitian and Dominican descent.

My family may not know if we have many family members still on the island, but our hearts are filled with sadness.

We will gather needed supplies for the relief effort and donate them to groups sending over the needed kits to Haiti.

Understanding the level of poverty the country faced before the earthquake only makes me want to help more in the effort to help the suffering.

I believe anyone and everyone can fulfill a part in the relief effort.

Chloe Buckley is a Junior reporter for Youth Journalism International