Jubilee Celebrates Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth visited Dumfries, Scotland in 2010 to dedicate the new plainstanes gathering place at the foot of the historic Midsteeple. (Robert Guthrie/YJI)
Dumfries, Scotland, UK – To say that the year of 2012 will be one to remember for many different reasons is probably an understatement, as one of the biggest events on this year’s Royal calendar kicked off Saturday.
Some of the most important of Queen Elizabeth II’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations got underway over the extended four-day weekend.
Many around Britain and the global Commonwealth nations cheered with joy as the Queen achieved 60 years on the throne, making Elizabeth II one of the longest reigning monarchs ever.
The Queen visited the Epsom Derby, a big horse-racing event. Horses and racing have been a big part of the Queen’s life and so this has been particularly meaningful for her although something she has attended for years.
Though Saturday was the big anniversary, it wasn’t the end of the celebration.
The river pageant, a big boat procession, made its way down the River Thames in London on Sunday to mark this special year.
On Monday evening, a concert will take place outside Buckingham Palace on a specially constructed stage, featuring acts such as Paul McCartney, JLS, Elton John and Stevie Wonder.
Tuesday is the last major part of the celebration, and this is known across the country given that there is a public holiday to mark the jubilee.
Street parties and a wealth of different fun events from tip to toe of the country will take place, really getting everyone in the mood and patriotic spirit of the Royals of Britain.
Of course, the Diamond Jubilee is not everyone’s cup of tea.
Many believe that given we’re in hard economic times that the government should be spending British money in a better way, like getting the country back on the rails. What could be seen as worse is that all of the funding for the jubilee events comes from taxpayers.
But the Jubilee is surely set to be a show of fantastic events all throughout the week – and definitely one to be remembered, too, as a diamond jubilee hasn’t happened for 350 years.
People are getting excited globally too – countries in the Commonwealth that are part of the British Empire, particularly. Many will be having fun with as it really is a time to celebrate this fantastic occasion. 
Whether people celebrate or complain, this landmark long weekend of jubilation for Queen Elizabeth II is set to be remembered for generations.
Robert Guthrie is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International.