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Kings Of Leon Reign Supreme In Brisbane

Justin Chan /

The Kings of Leon onstage in Brisbane 


By Nancy Hsu
Youth Journalism International
BRISBANE, Australia – It takes a rock band
like the Kings of Leon to bring together a middle-aged couple wildly grooving and
young fans singing religiously alongside them, knowing nearly every word by

On the second city stop of their
Australian tour to promote their newest work, Come Around
the Kings of Leon did not disappoint their fans last night
at the Brisbane Entertainment Centre in Queensland.

Opening with “Radioactive,” the first
single on Come Around Sundown, the Kings followed
up with a range of their current songs as well as their classics like “Sex On
Fire” and “Use Somebody.”


Justin Chan /

The Kings of Leon onstage in Brisbane

In an effort to move closer to the front
of the mosh pit, the worshipful crowd continued to push forward in a failed attempt
to be close enough to the Kings to catch one of the numerous guitar pics thrown
into the crowd during the show — or at least close enough to catch a drop of
their priceless sweat.
A passionate older woman, sick of the
pushing in, turned and thrust the offenders behind her a good three meters, then,
unphased, turned her attention back to the band and continued enthusiastically
head banging.
Lauranne Tham /

The Brisbane crowd at the Kings of Leon show


This is one of the many reasons why you are
now beginning to regret not having had tickets to the Kings’ Brisbane show.
Justin Chan /


Kings of Leon lead and rhythm guitarist
Caleb Followill onstage in Brisbane


Basking in the group’s talented musicianship,
I admit I rather enjoyed lead and rhythm guitarist Caleb Followill’s semi-pelvic
thrust and semi-gallop whenever he became truly immersed in the music.
This band of brothers displayed true
passion on stage, something that undoubtedly will be evident on the rest of
their Australian tour. 
The Kings perform next on Friday in Adelaide, then play in Melbourne next week for three nights before finishing Saturday in Perth.