Loyal Nepalese Should Buy Local Products

A peaceful protest took place in Pokhara on Thursday to encourage citizens to buy products made in Nepal. (Nischal Kharel/YJI)
POKHARA, Nepal – My country is facing a crisis because of an economic blockade from our neighbor, India. It is keeping petroleum and other products from entering Nepal.

This makes gasoline difficult to buy – but more importantly, is hard on factories and commercial vehicles that also rely on petrol to operate.

That is why on Thursday, Oct. 1, I joined a group of youth and other people from my city in a peaceful rally in Pokhara. 
We wanted to promote the use of Nepalese products and remind the citizens of Nepal to do that and to reduce the use of private vehicles. We want to help the Nepalese government move the nation forward toward prosperity and self-reliance.
Nepalis should focus on our national products rather than using foreign made items to make our country more sustainable and prosperous.
This is only possible when we stop paying foreigners for our daily goods.
In other parts of Nepal, some demonstrations have turned violent and there are even people who want to see more divisions.
We hope new national leaders, who will be elected tomorrow, will work to make the country self-sustaining, to create job opportunities and to multiply the number of products that are made here.
So our team, which we call “Made in Nepal,” are raising our voices and encouraging our fellow citizens to promote and use products that are made here at home.
Nischal Kharel is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.
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