Navigating Crocodile Cove: from high speed slides to gently floating on the Lazy River

The water park Crocodile Cove is one of the newer additions to Lake Compounce, the nation’s oldest amusement park. (Beth Criado-Band/YJI)(
BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. – The water park at Lake Compounce amusement park can be a desired relief from the harsh summer sun. For many park guests, Crocodile Cove is a place where guests can go to cool off, and enjoy more rides. While some may think the water park is lame, these are my top reasons why Crocodile Cove is one of the coolest places at Lake Compounce.

Over the past few years, park owners invested in and expanded Crocodile Cove. Through the addition of The Riptide Racer and Bayou Bay Wave Pool, there is an increased spotlight on the water park.

Lake Compounce has found a way to mix thrill rides with water, and it has worked for them perfectly. I remember my first time going on Riptide Racer and feeling the rush of adrenaline as I flew down the tube head first, racing my father and sister.
It was a new experience that combined the feelings of fast dry coasters and fun water rides.
The next stop on my list is the Lazy River. It’s an underrated ride that you seem to only enjoy once you sit in your tube and float down its long, winding  stream. The best part about this particular ride is that you can speed things up by taking a detour off the river and down an exhilarating slide. It can add to the overall experience, catering to both the meek and thrill seekers.
Up next on our tour of the waterpark is the Lights out Lighthouse, another tube-based attraction.
The rider goes flying down a tube, accelerated by centripical force, since the entire tube is fitted as a spiral inside the lighthouse. Adding to the thrill is that almost all of the experience is in the dark. This is definitely an extreme ride and not for the light-hearted.
These are some of the rides that make Crocodile Cove a unique and fun experience for visitors. For me, the waterpark at Lake Compounce adds a whole other experience to the traditional midway rides, and that’s why I think Crocodile Cove is a great
place for families visiting the park.  
Luke Ashworth is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International. 

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