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New Nepal Constitution Means Bright Future

A Nepali flag and map, lit by candles, celebrates the country's new constitution. (Nirajan Kathayat/YJI)
KATHMANDU, Nepal – For a long time, Nepal, a small but beautiful country, was suffering political instability. After the devastating April earthquakes the major political parties felt an urgency to adopt a new constitution for the reconstruction of the country.
After coordinating, national leaders signed a 16-point agreement. Finally, after more work, they made and adopted our constitution.
Now Nepali people have their new constitution, and their dream of a new constitution through an elected assembly of people is fulfilled. This will surely will establish political stability in the country.

People in traditional cultural dress for the festivities celebrating Nepal’s new constitution. (Nirajan Kathayat/YJI)

Sunday, Sept. 20 was a great day for Nepal and its people. President Ram Baran Yadav put the new Nepali constitution into effect in a special ceremony held in our Constitutional Assembly hall, which was beautifully decorated with national flags and flowers.

As soon as the president declared the new constitution, people all over Nepal lit candles and welcomed it.  Citizens celebrated with welcome rallies across the country. People say that it is the beginning of a promising future for Nepal and will bring stability,
peace and prosperity to the country.

On Monday, the day after the declaration, I joined thousands of people in Tundikhel, an open space area in Kathmandu to attend celebration programs to welcome the new constitution.
Both the Nepal army and police as well as people from different organizations participated in the cultural program. Three party
leaders and the prime minister addressed the crowd, which was made up of people of all ages, all joyfully celebrating.
I also celebrated happily. I am very glad that our country has a new constitution, and I hope that Nepal will move forward to
peace and development starting today.
Nirajan Kathayat is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.