Holidays Ramadan

Ramadan Journal – Day 3 – Doors

Yes, the gates of heaven are open for the Holy Month of Ramadan, but not so much for the gates of college.
For the past two days I have been slaving  on university websites trying to reach a final top ten list of colleges where I should apply.
Scale of success from 1 to 10: 7.
I have a list of 10 names but worry none of them will accept me.
Sounds a little off topic for a Ramadan journal, right? I respectfully disagree.
As a college bound junior, a few things are certain.
At some point the “average” and “typical” student population at the college of your dreams will cause frustration in epic proportions. You will by all means feel hopeless as your SAT scores and mere page of extra curricular activities are of no comparison next to the applicants of your dream college.
And the expenses to your dream college are also a number you’ve seen in a dream.
This is where the Ramadan spirit kicks in.
Towards making the end of my list I realized an Islamic fact: God does not put to waste the work of one who has worked for His sake. Niyya (intention), like I mentioned before, is very important in Islam.
It is said that work done without a pure intention for God’s sake is worthless.
Now let’s use a more tangible example.
If my niyya in applying and working to get accepted at U.S colleges is to have a heard voice with which I will attempt to remove the stains 9/11 and other incidents have left on Arabs and Islam, then my dreams are secure.
Doing this for His sake is a guarantee that even if I do not prevail, an alternative which may prove to be better for me and my mission will appear.
I cannot now doubt that I will have God on my side for this journey because quite frankly I need a miracle.
Heaven’s gate opens and the one to a university doesn’t?
If that’s not ironic I don’t know what is.
I would not say anything in Ramadan that I do not intend to do, so here it goes: I here vow with the readers of Youth Journalism International as my witness that no matter what UC Berkeley’s sophisticated requirements are, and no matter how many times I realize I cannot afford to go to Berkeley, I will continue to move forward.
I will take the required exams, study and do my best to look like one of those outstanding young scholars, all because I have faith enough to let me know that no one’s hard work goes to waste.
It is now 10:40p.m. in Alexandria, Egypt time and about time I hit the fridge for something sweet.
Regards until next time. Peace.