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‘Safe House’ A Solid Thriller In South Africa


By Mariechen Puchert
Senior writer
CAPE TOWN, Western Cape, South Africa
— Matt Weston, keeper of an uneventful CIA safe house in Cape Town gets all
the action he dreamed of and more when one of the CIA’s most-wanted is captured
in South Africa.
What he was not counting on, though, was
information regarding his employer that he is ill-equipped to handle.
Starring Denzel Washington, this thriller
and action film leaves audience members on the edge of their seats.
The South African setting contributes
much to the film’s acclaim, offering a political instability, a language barrier
and unfamiliar settings for characters to traverse.
In terms of cinematography, the
directing crew utilizes a variety of angles and filming methods, providing an
on-the-ground action-milieu.
The downfall of Safe House is the rather overdone conspiracy theme, insisting that
the CIA is not all it is made out to be. The plot is slightly redeemed by
leaving small details to the very end, many which are unpredictable.
Sensitive viewers are to be warned as
this film is filled to the brim with explicit scenes of violence.
Despite the permeating conspiracy, Safe House offers good cinematographic