Holidays Valentine's Day

The bells of St. Valentine ring with love

The market in Nsukka, Nigeria. (Mary Ngozi/YJI) 
NSUKKA, Nigeria – The Valentine’s Day bell rung loudly as the priest wished all the congregation happy Valentine’s Day.

He stressed the unfailing love of God for all creation and repeated the message to always live love, touch love and see love in all humans.

The bell continued to ring as I reached the market, where happy Valentine’s Day greetings could be
heard. I offered Valentine’s wishes to every customer and the bell didn’t stop when I received a lovely rose from a dear friend.

From my heart I want to ring my own Valentine’s bell to my brothers and sisters in need – the  oppressed, depressed, poor and sick.
My bell sings “I love you” to prisoners, the handicapped, the orphans, the homeless, the sick, the
cheated, the wounded, the lost ones. It urges strength to those who are tired of life, to not give up because it is not over yet.
To all living, I love you.
Happy Valentine’sDay!
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St. Valentine would approve.