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Tucson With Giffords ‘Every Step of Way’

By Mariah Pulver
Senior Reporter
TUCSON, Arizona,
U.S.A. — Devastating. Heart wrenching. Life changing. These are all words to
describe the fateful day of January 8, 2011. It may not mean anything to you,
but to Gabrielle Giffords and everyone in Tucson, Arizona, it does.
Giffords, a veteran
congresswoman, calls it “that horrible day.”
And the aftereffects
of that day – when a gunman killed six people and nearly murdered Giffords —
just keep coming. Today, Giffords announced that she is resigning from her
position in Congress to continue recovering.
As a sympathetic
admirer of Giffords, I understand and fully support her decision. But as a
voter, I am sad. She has done great things for Arizona and it is apparent that
she loves representing the people of Tucson.
Gabrielle Giffords
Giffords has
consistently been receptive to the needs of the people. Instead of shying away
from the tough problems, she tackled them head on. That can be shown by the
fact that she fearlessly fights for her beliefs about border security, energy
independence, military families and veterans, and small businesses.
To know that someone
is going to have to take her position is upsetting. That person will
undoubtedly be highly qualified and a great person. But he or she will be no
Gabby, as Tucsonans affectionately refer to her.
Although I will feel
guilty when I cannot put down her name on my ballot, I understand her desire.
Underneath it all, Giffords is just a normal human being who needs time to
heal, to remember, and to spend time with her family.
Giffords has already
made progress, which is unexpected, but miraculous. If you go to her website
and watch her video announcing her resignation, I promise you will be amazed.
She is speaking very clearly and is better able to express her thoughts. You could
also see her progress on January 2, when she led the Pledge of Allegiance at a
memorial vigil.
Progress is wonderful,
but she still has more work to do. She doesn’t need people pushing her to take
back her position in the House of Representatives when she is clearly not
ready. Nobody should expect her to be ready for that.
Instead, we should all
send her our thoughts. We should let her know just how much she means to us.
And most importantly,
we should tell her that we are all there for her, every step of the way.