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Turning Disposable Into Sustainable

By Robert
North Yorkshire, UK – Made up of volunteer leaders, Team V is a great
opportunity to meet new people and get lots of experience in campaigning on
issues that matter to young people.
Over the
next nine months, more than 100 youth leaders from around the United Kingdom
will be campaigning on three issues, the first of which is being eco-friendly
and proving that our generation can take positive action for the better.


Sustainable Generation,” Team V’s first campaign for this year, aims to prove
that young people like me can be the ones to solve the problem of environmental
damage to the planet.
generation is often branded as being the “Disposable Generation” but these inspirational
people are out to prove that wrong.
For many,
including myself, the issue of the environment and sustainability is an
important one. We know that whatever action we take now will have a big impact
on us and future generations.
Just as
parents would want their child to succeed in life, as a leader for Team V
myself, I want us to make this a healthy planet for our children and
generations afterwards.
Team V,
aside from being a great opportunity, is a great way to make change in your
local area and it does work as past campaigns have proven. With people all over
the UK making the case for change on social issues, it’s hard not to listen.
On top of
the initial impact of the campaign, it encourages young people to think twice
and take action themselves, going against the stereotype that most teenagers
are lazy and don’t care about much.
Overall, the
general message the campaign is sending is something that will have a positive
impact on young people, now and in the future. It will also prove adults wrong –
young people can live up to the campaign’s goal and become “The Sustainable


If you would
like to find out more about Team V, please see the campaign video on