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A haven for gamers

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — Drop your video game controllers and save your data on your game console immediately — two new video game stores have come to town.

Local video game players can now stock up on the best in gaming needs at EB Games and Game Stop without leaving the boundaries of Bristol.

EB Games, which stands for Electronics Boutique, is in the Bristol Plaza at 641 Farmington Ave. Game Stop in Bristol Commons is next to Blockbuster Videos at 123 Farmington Ave.

Both stores are now bringing business to Bristol.

Before the arrival of Game Stop and EB Games, game lovers had to drive to nearby Westfarms Mall and beyond to purchase their gaming supplies.

Melissa Caron, store manager of EB Games, said the arrival of her store “provides convenience” to teens.

Before the arrival of EB Games and Game Stop up the street, she said, there was no store that specialized exclusively in only games.

Caron said teens in the area are supportive of the store.

“Kids come here everyday,” said Caron.

Caron said her youthful customers are polite when they visit the store and browse around to look for their favorite games.

The EB Games store carries new and used video games, game guides, accessories and consoles. There are display consoles for customers to try out systems and new games.

Trading and selling your own personal games are also endorsed by EB Games, which has a friendly, helpful staff.

Game Stop employees refused to comment for this story, and referred all questions to store officials, who did not return phone calls last week.

The arrival of Game Stop and EB Games brings more pre-adult consumers to Bristol stores, and now button-tapping, hardcore gamers out there now have a haven for all their gaming essentials.

Joe Keo is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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