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A summer escape to the Greek island of Corfu

Corfu, GREECE – Early in the summer, I made my first trip to the beautiful Greek island of Corfu. It was my first time visiting any of the Greek islands, so I was really looking forward to experiencing a different culture.

For people in the UK, the Greek islands are a popular holiday destination. For the younger generations, islands such as Zante and Zakynthos are recognized for their superb nightlife and promise to be a good destination for a week of partying.

But the Greek islands are also recognized for their immense array of culture and stunning scenery. I chose Corfu for my first trip to the Greek islands because after watching the Durrell’s, a British comedy-drama television series which was set on the island, I was captured by the gorgeous greenery and beautiful beaches. It did not disappoint.

The narrow streets of Corfu’s Old Town are filled with small, independent businesses which are a hit with tourists. (Holly Hostettler-Davies/YJI)

My boyfriend and I stayed in Roda, which is on the north end of the Island. We had a breathtaking view of the Mediterranean Sea, and the mountainous terrain of Albania looked only a short swim away.

Roda is a small fishing village which opens up as a popular tourist destination in May, but is inhabited by locals throughout the year. It is home to one of Corfu’s longest sandy beaches and the shallow waters make it the perfect sea swimming destination.

I came looking for a relaxing week full of sun, sea and sand and that’s exactly what I got. I enjoyed taking the short walk along the sandy shores to Roda village, where I enjoyed watching local artists paint the most beautiful, colorful landscapes and visiting the small gift shops that sold an array of cute trinkets such as postcards, photo frames and glass animal ornaments.

We were lucky enough to take a day trip to the Old Town of Corfu, which is almost like the center of the action. It was absolutely beautiful with all the characteristically Greek narrow streets and the masses of Greek cuisine.

To be in and amongst the locals really made me feel part of the culture, and walking to see the Old Fortress was a highlight of my week. It is a magnificent old Venetian fortress which is actually where Corfu got its name, as Coryphe (in Greek) relates to the twin peaks of the fortress.

Surrounded by the sparkling sea, it was a great sight.

The Venetian Old Fortress of Corfu sits proudly over the glistening sea. (Holly Hostettler-Davies/YJI)

I would love to explore more parts of Corfu in the future, and to immerse myself further in the culture. But for now, I will make do with the beautiful memories of a magical week away in a stunning part of the world.

Holly Hostettler-Davies is a Correspondent with Youth Journalism International.

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