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A theatrical triumph at Ghana’s Broadway festival

Mayama Opare, at left, applies makeup on the face of a young thespian. (Photo courtesy of Mayama Opare.)

ACCRA – In the realm of performing arts and drama, our Broadway Theatre Festival emerges as a coveted stage, amplifying the voices of burgeoning artists and propelling them into the limelight.

The author with her makeup tools. (Photo courtesy of Mayama Opare.)

This festival, dedicated to nurturing the creative arts industry, has been a transformative platform for me, allowing my passion and talent to flourish.

Having participated in both the regional and national levels of the festival, this journey has been nothing short of a theatrical adventure, marking a significant milestone in my artistic pursuits.

The regional competition set the foundation, enabling me to embrace my role with fervor and creativity. It was an opportunity to let my artistic expression unfurl.

The author, at right, applies makeup to a thespian. (Photo courtesy of Mayama Opare.)

To my immense delight, the regional event recognized my expertise and dedication to the craft. I was awarded a certificate for Best Makeup Artist, a testament to my skill in enhancing the theatrical characters and amplifying the dramatic narrative.

Buoyed by this achievement, I eagerly embraced the national competition, channeling my energy into perfecting the portrayal of my character. As the curtains rose and the spotlight beckoned, the thrill of the performance took over.

The pinnacle of this journey was met with jubilation as I was awarded the trophy for Best Costume – a trophy signifying meticulous attention to detail and excellence in costuming.

The author’s award certificate. (Photo courtesy of Mayama Opare.)

Additionally, a medal marked my participation, embodying the spirit of collaboration and dedication that courses through the theatrical community.

The Broadway Theatre Festival  not only honed my artistic abilities, but also kindled a deeper appreciation for the intricacies of the performing arts.

These accolades serve as a source of motivation, propelling me to forge ahead with unwavering determination, leaving an indelible mark in the world of drama.

My voyage through the Broadway Theatre Festival has been a tapestry of creative exploration, a chapter that has enriched my artistic soul and fortified my resolve to illuminate the stage with the brilliance of creativity and drama.

Mayama Opare is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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