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Bears Go Hungry, But Mosquitos Make A Feast Of Tasty First-Time Campers

Mugdha Gurram /

The sunset at Wesley Island State Park

Yelena Samofalova and Mugdha Gurram
ISLAND STATE PARK, New York, U.S.A. – As first-time campers, we were a bit wary
of what to expect the first time we spent the night in the woods.
Mary Majerus-Collins /

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course, we’d heard about all the usual stuff: sleeping in tents, roasting
marshmallows, eating dinner by the fire and all that.
We anticipated
an authentic camping experience and felt prepared. And while we knew we were in
good hands, there was also that one concerning camping stereotype where the
bear comes and eats all the food.
Mugdha Gurram

Canadian wildlife spotted 
in a New York state park! 
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we avoided this particular cliché.
arrived at the campsite just in time to see the sunset, which we had a beautiful
view of from our spot by the river. We would have had a beautiful view of the
sunrise as well, if we’d been able to get up early enough.
site was right on the bank, with a postcard-worthy view of the water filled
with fishing boats and sailboats, surrounded on all sides by trees.
Mugdha Gurram /

YJI reporters and advisors set up camp.

couldn’t help but stand and stare out at the water at times. In the morning we
went down to the river’s edge, getting a scenic view of the water unobscured by
One of
the best parts of the night was going out to a field near our campsite to look
at the stars – something we don’t get to see often in suburban Connecticut,
where city lights never let the sky get too dark.
our necks, we tried to find the different constellations and planets. We could
even see the Milky Way in one part of the sky.
course, no camping trip would be complete without those pesky mosquitoes. We
waged a furious and courageous battle against those blood-suckers, and ended up
victorious in the end.
And by
victorious, we mean our legs became buffets.
Mugdha Gurram /

A view of the water from the bank near the campsite.