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Burka Avenger Is Perfect Superhero For Pakistan And Great Role Model For Girls

By Arooj Khalid
Senior Reporter
LAHORE, Pakistan – “Don’t mess with the lady in black, when she’s on the
attack!” This is the theme song for Jiya, Pakistan’s first female super-hero,
Burka Avenger.
cartoon hero Jiya is a simple school teacher who lost her parents at an early
age and was brought up by a kabbadi master, who teaches her a new form of
fighting, “Takht Kabbadi” which uses books and pens as weapons to fight off villains,
along with a handful of karate skills.
Whenever there is evil
around, Jiya puts on a burka to hide her identity and uses her fighting skills
to defeat evil.
The show promotes
righteous values and education among girls and discourages discrimination.
Burka Avenger targets social problems such as education and discrimination in a
way that children can understand without any harm done.
The show is set in a
fictional town of “Halwapur” and stars three kids: Immu, Ashu, and Mooli, who
are eager to learn and acquire education. Meanwhile, a corrupt politician,
“Vadero Pajero,” and an evil magician “Baba Bandooq,” try to close down the
girls’ school in order to acquire money and power in their immoral ways.
The moment that the freedom
of the citizens is threatened, Burka Avenger appears to protect the safety of
the children and to assure female education in the area.
The animated show, created
by Pakistan’s famous pop star Aaron Haroon Rashid, features music tracks of
Pakistan’s leading pop stars such as Ali Azmat, Adil Omar and Ali Zafar.
The animations were made
with high power graphics and are said to be the first of its kind in Pakistan. “Burka
Avenger” is a family show, but is chiefly aimed at children. It would be fair
to say that it is enjoyed by all ages.
Many other female superheroes
such as Wonder Woman and Black Widow already exist, but the reason Burka Avenger
is different and even more amazing is that she was desperately needed by young
Pakistani girls.
This show is based on the
issues that girls here actually face and is set in their own environment. There
are real world villains such as the corrupt politicians and the terrorists who
believe that women have no right to education.
Best of all, this
superhero fights righteously using education, books and pens and remains modest
at the same time. Only her adoptive father knows about her secret – he’s the
one who taught her.
Some people have
expressed concerns about the Burka Avenger wearing a burka, as many see it as a
sign of oppression. But the sole reason Jiya wears a burka is to hide her identity
like any superhero would.
Moreover, the burka is
not viewed as a sign of oppression by Pakistanis, who are the show’s audience.
Overall, Burka Avenger
has had a positive response not only from Pakistan but also from all around the
world, and not only because of the awesome story
There is
something else that can’t be ignored.
represents a strong woman who never lets the society chose for her. She fights for
women’s rights and is an inspiration for young Pakistani girls. She passes on
the powerful message of staying brave, strong and moving forward.
that is what Pakistan needs right now.

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