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Calabrian Carnival mixes fun and tradition

In the historical town plaza, a couple dances the Quadriglia, a tradition dance in the region. (Martina Curia/YJI)

Corigliano Rossano, ITALY – Colorful floats, streamers and costumes that recalled the ancient traditions – and others more modern – filled the streets this year for Carnival.

People gathered in Piazza Steri for Carnival. (Martina Curia/YJI)

The Ionian town of Corigliano Rossano offered typical sweets and lots of entertainment through the celebration, which lasted from February 10th to 13th.

A parade of floats and marchers passed through the Old Town. Even the modern costumes and displays recalled the old customs of Carnival.

To the joy of young and old watching the parade, the sound of the town band filled the streets and the people caught the rhythm of the quadriglia, a typical dance of the Calabria region.

A figure on a float wears an Arlecchino mask, the most famous of all Italian Carnival masks. (Martina Curia/YJI)

The participants wore various and colorful costumes, dressing up as the most famous television cartoon characters or wearing the typical Carnival masks.

The scent of traditional sweets – castagnole and chiacchiere – has invaded the houses and shops of the whole city throughout the festival.

Castagnole, a fried sweet with a custard filling, made by the author’s grandmother. (Martina Curia/YJI)

Martina Curia is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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