Christmas Holidays

Christmas In ‘The Warm Heart Of Africa’

After church services in the morning, people in Malawi enjoy the afternoon. Here, some people are playing in the water of Lake Malawi. (David Joseph Kapito/YJI)
LILONGWE, Malawi – Christmas season is one of good moments when Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.
In Malawi, also known as ‘the warm heart of Africa,’ people celebrate Christmas in various ways. They pray, party, shop and exchange best wishes.
Some start the celebrations on Christmas Eve, the evening of December 24 til Christmas Day on December 25.  Others celebrate only on Christmas Day.

In a country described as a God-fearing nation, most Christians attend a church service in the morning on Christmas Day. Pastors usually remind their congregations not to engage in sin or any bad acts during Christmas period since such mal-celebrations tend to tarnish the image of Christmas Day.

On Christmas in Malawi, people eat their favorite foods. This is beef braai. (David Joseph Kapito/YJI)

Pastors also remind church members to invite or share food with people of other religious beliefs, since the Gospel advocates love toward others.

Soup and salad are also part of the holiday meal in the festive season.  (David Joseph Kapito/YJI)

On this day, children also enjoy their time with Santa Claus.
On Christmas Day, people like to enjoy most of their favorite foods. Since this day is special, a lot of nice dishes are served.
On this day the security is also strengthened on most roads, in order to avoid road accidents. In the afternoon, people make trips to Lake Malawi, entertainment centers and church halls.
In church halls, usually people enjoy the play about the birth of Jesus Christ. Some of the interesting scenes of the play are about how Mary and Joseph escaped the hatred of King Herod in his attempt to kill the baby Jesus.
In Malawi, Christmas usually comes during the rainy season, but the weather does not limit people. Families still visit each other and enjoy the holiday together.

David Joseph Kapito is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

Rice and chicken dishes are popular in the holiday season.  (David Joseph Kapito/YJI)

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