Christmas Holidays Perspective

Worship, eating and cheer during a Malawi Christmas

Christmas decorations in a Malawi church. (David Joseph Kapito/YJI)

Food for Christmas in Malawi (David Joseph Kapito/YJI)

LILONGWE, Malawi – It’s another great time as Christians as the warm heart of Africa joins other Christians to celebrate the birth of Jesus.
The day before the holiday, people were busy making decorations in worshipping places as many begin Christmas day with prayers.

Food prepared for Christmas. (David Joseph Kapito/YJI)

Some churches held a Christmas Eve dinner while others had parties and dances into the night.
On Christmas, people generally prepare delicious food for lunch and supper. They expect to share moments with their family, loved ones or friends.
Some might might set for a journey to visit the Lake Malawi or entertainment centers.
To provide security, police and road traffic officers are out in force. Despite widespread Christmas cheer in Malawi, it is also the period when the country death toll increases due to road accidents caused by recklessness or driving drunk.
Misunderstanding Christmas can lead to dire problems, but most observe the good manners that help unite people who are celebrating together.

David Joseph Kapito is a Photographer and Reporter for Youth Journalism International.