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Citizen protesters flood Taipei

Protesters in Taipei, Taiwan earlier today. (Yuhan Tsai/YJI)

Taipei, TAIWAN – Citizens upset with a new law in Taiwan filled Taipei’s streets Friday.

Organizers claimed 85,000 people showed up to protest the legislation, which allows the Taiwanese Parliament to summon and question anyone without benefit of a lawyer.

Protesters in Taipei on Friday. (Yuhan Tsai/YJI)

Protesters surrounded the gates and fence of the parliament building but did not enter. The demonstration stretched across four roads and paralyzed traffic around the parliament.

The protest stayed peaceful and there were no reports of conflicts. Workers with various organizations provided food and water.

The number of protesters could not be independently verified.

More protests are planned for next week.

Yuhan Tsai is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International. She is covering the protests.

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