Perspective Terrorism

Columbus attack brings terror home for student at The Ohio State University

NEWARK, Ohio, U.S.A. – Just before noon Monday, I sat outside my physics lab room of Ohio State University’s Newark campus checking Facebook when a new message from my mother appeared.
That’s when my world changed.
I opened up the link she’s sent to a news article about an active shooter situation on the main campus of The Ohio State University in Columbus.
My heart skipped a beat as I read that my fellow students had been attacked and were still in danger.
I’ve read about active shooters and other situations like this in other states, different schools, different people.
This time, however, this was less than 40 miles away from me, at my alma mater, my fellow students, my university family.
I have friends at that campus, and was relieved to learn that they are okay.  But not everybody is as lucky as I am.
Many others are concerned for the family members or friends who were wounded or killed in this attack.
This attack spanned less than an hour, but there’s no telling how long into the future its effect will last. 
Noah Adelsberger is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.
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