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Dance rules leave students twisting

BRISTOL, Connecticut, U.S.A. — School dances are supposed to be those times for friends to get together and have fun, but why is it more work than any type amusement?
School dances have become more of a hassle than they may be worth.
First, you have all the rules, such as no inappropriate clothing, no sneaking in other people under false names and the need to check all handbags or book bags carried in.
I mean, can we even go to the bathroom without a rule?
I can understand the school wanting to keep the students safe, but come on. Give us kids a break here.
We need to have some sort of fun without all the unnecessary rules. If administrators would let friends from other schools in, there wouldn’t be a problem.
But, of course, they have to say no for the sake of bringing students from a “rival” school into the dance. For that could be a huge problem, right? No!
So, for all you dance committee people out there: Can you please put a little sanity in the way you make the rules for the dance and let us finally have some fun around here?

Cassie Nowak is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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