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Deadpool: A Superhero, A Decent Movie

AMHERST, Massachusetts, U.S.A. – It was no surprise to me that there was going to be a Deadpool film. It seems that recently both Marvel and DC comic book characters have all been getting their fair share.
All a company has to do, in this example 20th-Century Fox, is grab a big name actor and people will come in droves. These comic book movies have become more successful in their search for a large mainstream audience and Deadpool is no exception.
The movie may be R-rated for its nudity, sexual content, violence, and language, but it attempts to get anyone 18 or over in the theater. The movie succeeds in this
through clever advertising and a long running media campaign.
Deadpool escalates when Wade Wilson (Ryan Reynolds) gets his cancer diagnosis. He and his love interest Vanessa (Morena Baccarin) must find a way to combat his new health diagnosis. This is when things take a super turn and Wade is on the path to becoming the unconventional hero we know and love.
Both Reynolds and Baccarin deliver more than enough in their roles but the real scene stealers are T.J. Miller as Weasel and Leslie Uggams as Blind Al.
The film has more than enough action and wonderful graphics for any action junkie. It does an especially great job using an action sequence to pull all of the pieces of the movie together.
But what the movie is surprisingly good at is making us care about the romance between Wilson and Vanessa. Do they end up happy and safe? Are the happy with each other at the end? For those answers, you will need to see the movie.
When all is said and done, Deadpool is primarily a comedy and that is where it shines. The jokes maybe irreverent, slapstick at times, and in your face, but they are numerous. There were times when not one person in the theater was quiet.
However, there were a few times when it felt like they were trying too hard. Deadpool tries to be a romance, comedy and action movie all at the same time and can seem to distract itself in the process.
This movie is a great watch and I recommend it as a movie going experience. But you don’t necessarily need to see it again or own it. 
Matthew Albrecht is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.