Earthquake Safety 101: Don’t Run

LAHORE, Pakistan – Today was a good day. My friends and I were enjoying the weather. Around 2 o’clock we were sitting on the college grounds when we felt some vibrations.

At first, we didn’t give it a thought, but after a few seconds we realized that it was an earthquake. In the beginning, it was not that fast and after approximately a minute, it stopped.

I could feel every vibration, as I was sitting on the ground. But then it started again and this time it was too fast and all of us got scared.
Around me, girls started screaming and soon everyone came out of their classes.
A few of those who made the mistake of running fell down.
If you are ever in an earthquake, DO NOT run. Find a solid table and get under it to protect yourself from falling debris, or walk carefully out of the building.
During the earthquake, I could feel the hard ground moving like a water wave. I got so scared that I started reciting holy verses.
The whole earthquake lasted for two or three minutes. After that, everyone tried to contact their loved ones, but because of the earthquake there wasn’t any mobile phone service.
Even telephone land lines and internet service was gone for 15 to 20 minutes. After that time, people were able to contact each other and felt a little bit relaxed.
When I reached home I listened to the news and learned that the quake’s center was in Afghanistan. Many people are dead and even more injured and there could be aftershocks.
Amber Shakil is a Junior Reporter from Pakistan for Youth Journalism International.


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