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Easter sunrise is good for the soul

Sunrise in Pekin, Illinois. (Norah Springborn/YJI)

Pekin, Illinois, U.S.A. – The Easter holiday would be unrecognizable to me without the celebratory musical traditions.

It would not be Easter without the checklist of sacred songs to sing at church.

Children’s Sunday school performances are perfected to be acted out on Easter Sunday.

Church chimes are changed to ring “Christ the Lord is Risen Today” in unison with other church bells across town.

For me, it is these traditions – both religious and creative – that make the Easter festivities so memorable. 

My Easter Sunday is not one singular day, but weeks of musical rehearsals and planning.

On Easter, you will find me navigating between two church services with my instrument to perform sacred tunes.

It is easy to forget the power of Easter Sunday in the rush of making all events work like clockwork.

As much as I would dread getting out of bed to make it for the 6 a.m. morning service, I looked forward to seeing the sunrise on Easter morning. 

These musical traditions allowed me to connect Easter Sunday with nature’s wonders.

My sunrise became a mirror of Jesus’ resurrection – I believe God’s own son did rise for each of us, not just on Easter, but for eternity.

Around the hour that I was rushing off to church and warming up to play Easter hymns, the news of Jesus’ resurrection was spreading throughout the world.

The light of that sunrise would go on to symbolize religious radiance. 

Whether you celebrate the Easter holiday with triumphant songs or little religious knowledge, may you spy the sunrise on Easter morning as a reminder of the birth of each new day with the hope of universal peace.

Norah Springborn is a Senior Correspondent with Youth Journalism International. 

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