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Egyptians Pin Hopes On ElBaradei

Jessica Elsayed
By Jessica Elsayed
Senior Reporter
Youth Journalism International
ALEXANDRIA, Egypt – Mohamed ElBaradei, the Nobel Prize-winning foe of the government here, is the man of the moment right now.
A lot of Egyptians hope he will lead a new government soon when protests force Hosni Mubarak to give up the reins of power.
ElBaradei is very moderate about everything, so moderate that people on both sides have wondered if he is too much a man of the middle.
But now they are all coming together behind him. Everyone is with him.
He is very humble and he has no interest in power. But he said he would serve if the people want him.
He made a strong appearance today.
ElBaradei has also said plainly: Mubarak must go.
We worry that he could be killed in Cairo.
Even the Muslim Brotherhood backs him. It is a big group in Egypt, but does not have the support of the majority.
The Muslim Brotherhood is not the crazy, militant group people think it is. It’s just been painted as the enemy by Mubarak.
My friend’s grandpa is from the Muslim Brotherhood and he’s a sweetheart.
Everyone agrees that the whole regime must be transformed.
We are watching and waiting for the end.
The feeling that goes on all day is just anticipation, anticipation, anticipation.
This story is based on a telephone conversation today with Jessica Elsayed in Alexandria, Egypt. It reflects what she said, but she could not review it before publication because the government has cut off internet service in Alexandria. This story may be revised when she has the opportunity to see it. Also see her Jan. 25 and Jan. 29 pieces on the first days of the protest.

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