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For a family-friendly film, try ‘Zathura’

Image from the film's official DVD special edition release.

Karachi, PAKISTAN – Fans of Jumanji will love this family friendly adventure movie set in a space-version of the classic 1995 movie, with its own special twists.

Zathura: A Space Adventure stars Josh Hutcherson, who plays Walter, and Jonah Bobo, who plays Danny.

The pair are an adorable sibling duo who get sucked into a mysterious board game and must fight their way out.

Kristen Stewart plays the classic exasperated teenage sister, Lisa, who has to deal with her brothers’ shenanigans, all while trying to get ready in time for her date.

The 2005 film starts out as a typical family movie with Walter and Danny arguing constantly until Danny discovers an old board game in their basement.

From here onwards, the movie takes a chaotic turn, with the entire house getting trapped in the game. While dealing with strange threats like meat-eating Zorgons, faulty robots and black holes, the siblings manage to bond.

Dax Shepard plays the mysterious astronaut with a dark past and helps the boys find their way home.

The importance of family is truly showcased through this feel-good comedy. The heartwarming film was nominated for some awards, with Hutcherson winning the 2006 Young Artist Award for Best Performance, and Bobo being nominated.

Zathura brings ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ aesthetics to life with its fun plot and is a must watch for the whole family.

Overall, I really enjoyed it, and would definitely recommend it for a wholesome movie night.

Anya Farooqui is a Junior Reporter with Youth Journalism International.

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