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Foreigners can help you appreciate the beauty of your own country

A spectacular view of Istanbul from the ferry from the Sea of Marmara. (Lina Köksal /YJI)

SEA OF MARMARA – The ferry is a common form of transportation which is used a lot in Istanbul to go to the islands or to cross from the European side to the Asian side of the city or the opposite.

I have used the ferry many times to go places, especially the islands but I never really looked nor appreciated the beautiful view that you can see from it.

Regina López, a YJI student from Mexico, and Ana Fadul, a YJI student from Colombia, take a selfie on the ferry. (Regina López/YJI)

I’ve always talked with my fellow passengers, had a snack or slept until we landed.

But then I rode the ferry with other Youth Journalism International students who were in Istanbul for the organization’s Global Conference.

These students had never seen the view. They were mesmerized and took a lot of pictures. That’s when it hit me that I had never appreciated the beauty we have here.

It was the first time I actually took in the view and it was really gorgeous.

It is truly amazing to see something that seems ordinary with someone seeing it for the first time.

It gets them fascinated. And that gives you a chance to understand how beautiful something actually is, because you see it with a new eye which is not used to the view or the place. It helps you appreciate it.

Almost every person takes things for granted when they know they have it in the palm of their hands and don’t treat it as well as they should. 

This conference experience helped me understand this better and made me appreciate my city even more than I did before.

Naz Mergen is a Reporter with Youth Journalism International from Istanbul.

Contributing photos: YJI Correspondent Lina Köksal of Istanbul and Regina López of Mexico.

The author, Naz Mergen, in the front row on the left, with YJI friends, foreign and local on the ferry. Back row, from left: Parnian Shahsavary, Erin Timur, Mary Majerus-Collins, Arooj Khalid, Owen Ferguson, Regina López, Ana Fadul, Sreehitha Gandluri, Beth Criado-Band, Nargis Babar, Burak Sanel, Bilge Güven. In the front row, from left: Naz Mergen, Lina Köksal, Norah Springborn, Holly Hostettler-Davies, Tanya Tkachenko and Beren Deniz Öcek. (YJI photo)

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Parnian Shahsavary/YJI

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