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Frayed fashion: dressing to the beat

Today’s teens dress in all different ways, but the majority of kids dress according to the groups they hang around with, things they do and music they listen to.

The rest dress however they feel, a certain way this day, and the next day a totally opposite way.

Some kids that listen to a certain kind of music tend to dress a certain kind of way.

Let’s take rap. A lot of people who listen to rap usually dress like it.

They’ll sag their pants (wear them low) or wear their hats to the side or backwards.

They tend to put dreadlocks in their hair or braids or ‘fro’ it out or shave it bald or just leave it as butt fuzz.

Not everyone that listens to a particular kind of music dresses like it, but some do.

If they listen to rock, metal or alternative music, some kids will wear their hair long or color it pink, black, blue, brown, whatever they feel like. One kid I know dyed it black with a blue tint.

Some wear flannel or tie-dyed shirts or fray the cuffs of their pants.

It’s just what kids do.

Some may do it because they think they look cool, while others may do it because their friends do. For some, it’s just comfortable dressing that way.

A few get a lot of earrings in both ears, studs or hoops or ones with designs on them.

What’s fashionable now is different, being different, dressing different.

People will dress a whole bunch of different ways. They’ll combine styles.

Some will wear bandanas alone and others have hats on top of them. Some wear long hair and others pull it up in a pony tail.

It all comes down to what a person is like, how they act, and who they really are.

There really is no certain kind of fashion, it’s just wearing what you want to wear — because you want to wear it.

A lot of people make a big deal about being fashionable, but there really is no big deal.

To put it simple … just wear it.

Mike Kelley is a Reporter for Youth Journalism International.

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