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French 11-year-old wins Junior Eurovision 2020 singing contest

Valentina from France performing for Junior Eurovision 2020. (Junior Eurovision photo)

MELBOURNE — France has just won the 2020 Junior Eurovision Song Contest, which because of the pandemic was arguably the most unique edition of the contest in its history.

There were only 12 countries that competed in this year’s competition, held in the Polish capital Warsaw.

Many of the countries that competed last year, including Australia and Ireland, withdrew from the competition this year because of the pandemic.

France was represented by 11-year-old Valentina, who sang a cheerful song called “J’imagine” with colorful staging that seemed particularly French, with images such as the Eiffel Tower making an appearance.

Second place went to Kazakhstan, whose singer Karakat Bashanova sang the emotional ballad “Forever” about her late father.

Third place went to Spain, who entered with the delightful bop “Palante,”

This year’s competition was so unique because of its format.

Since none of the competitors could actually travel to Poland because of the pandemic, they had to pre-record their performances, which were then played during the show.

They had live hosts in Warsaw, but there were no competitors there.

It is unclear what will happen with next year’s contest, but the success of this year’s contest sets a promising precedenct for both the Junior Eurovision and adult Eurovision next year.

The full results of the contest were as follows:

1. France
2. Kazakhstan
3. Spain
4. The Netherlands
5. Belarus
6. Georgia
7. Ukraine
8. Malta
9. Poland
10. Russia
11. Serbia
12. Germany

Alyce Collett is a Correspondent with Youth Journalism International.

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