Fruit Waste Could Pose A Health Threat

Fruit sellers in Kiwira, Tanzania. (Abdulaziz Momba/YJI)
KIWIRA, Mbeya, Tanzania – As a small town in the Mbeya region in Tanzania, Kiwira is growing very fast every day.
There are lots of natural resources, including coal mines at mount Rungwe as well as small industries. The cool climate conditions attract tourists from around the world to come here.

Waste from fruit sellers left on the ground could lead to health problems. (Abdulaziz Momba/YJI)

But the town is damaged daily. Small businessmen who sell fruits such as mangoes, oranges, pawpaws, pineapples, avocados and bananas are destructive, leaving the town dirty from the remains of their fruit.

Meetings have been held by the village office in order to keep the environment clean, but the habits of the people remain unchanged.
This situation concerns me because I believe it could lead to the eruption of diseases such as cholera.
Abdulaziz Momba is a Junior Reporter for Youth Journalism International.
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