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Good mental health care requires more than internet quotes

Parnian Shahsavary/YJI

TEHRAN – It’s somehow hard to mention mental health when most of us on the planet can’t even guarantee our physical health.

Let’s be honest here – some people are just surviving.

I’ve noticed something on my social media. Users, specifically teenagers, keep relating to posts that are addressing the symptoms of mental conditions like oversleeping and being tired, canceling plans and avoiding socializing, getting irritated by noises, feeling okay about skipping meals and not being motivated or able to share their feelings.

As a person who went through the same thing, I can say that we know what is wrong with us. We exactly know what is wrong with us, but we can’t help ourselves and we notice that it can get worse.

We did mention it to the people who are close to us, but as a “joke.” We started reading quotes or books, and listened to songs that could help us, or did the viral challenges to emotionally stand on our feet again. At best, they were effective for a day.

Flowers emerge through cracks in the dusty tile. (Parnian Shahsavary/YJI)

I distanced myself from social media, because it kept reminding me of my problems even as I was trying to avoid them by scrolling on my phone.

The supposed ‘words of wisdom’ I found online would not stop: “Everything comes at you at the right moment” or “I think my superpower is to hide my pain behind my smile.”

Screenshot by Parnian Shahsavary/YJI

One of the worst moments I experienced was seeing this quote when I was making a big life decision for my life and needed some courage: “Every corpse on Mount Everest was once an extremely motivated person.”

Well, thank you, internet. There goes my last piece of hope.

So if you are turning to inspirational quotes, books or music, hear me out. It means you want to end this faded fog of unknown feeling that is everywhere, from your bed to the brunch with your friends. And it is keeping you from enjoying your life.

Your might need help to get rid of it, and by help I don’t mean the help from the people who heard your jokes, or were the reason that you were hurt, or advise you to “cheer up” or “don’t overreact.”

If they wanted to help you, they would get your signals, and yes, it’s disappointing that they are the closest people you know.

By help, I mean professional help that’s a therapist or a physician. You should make sure that you are physically doing well, because many mental conditions have a physical background. Then, a therapist will help you to stabilize your mental health.

You should know that it’s okay to feel bad sometimes.

Most of us are dealing with things that are important to us and we won’t share it with anyone. And, seriously, Gen Z is the most stressed generation.

All I’m trying to say is that you need to talk and share your feelings with the right person who can help you.

No one else can notice your mental condition, so care for it yourself.

Parnian Shahsavary is a Reporter and Senior Illustrator with Youth Journalism International.

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