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Gratitude … when life takes an unexpected path

Joanna Koter at Acadia National Park in August. (YJI photo)

EDINBURGH – It would perhaps be quicker for me to name things I’m not thankful for instead of those that I am thankful for, as the latter is rather long.
Having gone through some low points in the last few years, I am really grateful for where I am today and what I get to do.
Two years ago, poor mental and physical health prevented me from returning to university for my second year.
I have always been a person driven by studying and not being able to do that for an entire calendar year, in a way, really broke my spirit.
However, that turned out to be a blessing in disguise. For a year, my life went along a track different from that linear path continuing from school, through university, onto graduation. I gained a fresh perspective and realized what really matters to me and what things are of minor importance when put in the big picture.
I almost did not go back to my original university, University of Edinburgh, after that year – but that is a longer story.
Yet, now I am here, studying a subject I’m passionate about, living in a decent, comfortable and affordable flat, in a community that I feel part of but one that also challenges me.
And this is just a tiny fraction of what I’m grateful for!
Joanna Koter is a Correspondent with Youth Journalism International.

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