How YJI Uses Social Media

Youth Journalism International co-founder Steve Collins recently wrote up a little article for JEA Digital Media about the way YJI uses social media to try to raise money. Here it is:

Youth Journalism International exists because the web makes it possible for a small public charity in Connecticut to create a worldwide classroom that draws together students from countries all over the world.
None of them pay a penny to participate.
So the obvious way for YJI to raise money is, of course, online.
While we’re a long way from funding the staff needed to handle the crush of young people seeking to join, we are, haltingly, discovering how to tap the power of social media to pull in some badly needed cash.   Here’s a link to read the whole piece.
By the way, if you can help YJI with its crucial mission to educate young people around the world, give them a voice and bring them together, we would be grateful. YJI is a 501(c)(3) public educational charity in the United States and donations to it are tax deductible.
To give, please see our donation page here.