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Hunting For Alligators On Texas Gulf Coast At Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge

The landscape at Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge is filled with tall wild grasses, where alligators live when they're not in the water. (Mugdha Gurram/YJI)
FREEPORT, Texas, U.S.A. – Overlooking a vast landscape full of wild grasses that reach my waist, broken up by small bodies of water that the multitude of birds flock to, I am beginning to explore on my first day in Texas.
The Brazoria National Wildlife Refuge holds a small amount of animals, such as numerous kinds of birds, and alligators. Following a path that leads us to different viewing areas, we checked out different parts of the reserve, in hopes of seeing the different species there.
While we missed seeing any elusive alligators, it was still a nice experience to see the beautiful landscape that surrounded us. It’s a quiet and serene place for taking a walk.
If you decide to visit, try to choose a day that is not 92 degrees and humid, although you may be hard pressed to find such a day during a Texan summer.
Mugdha Gurram is a Senior Reporter from Connecticut for Youth Journalism International.


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