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Hurricane Hits New Jersey Lightly

Flooded road in New Jersey.Photo: Gokce Yurekli 
Downed tree in New JerseyPhoto: Gokce Yurekli
By Gokce Yurekli

NEWARK, New Jersey, U.S.A. — The rain from Hurricane Irene has subsided tremendously in New Jersey, leaving behind only minor damage in most areas.
My family and I weathered the storm in our house, where the electricity went out about midnight while the rain continued until early morning.
This morning, we left the house to check out our neighborhood.
Several shops were left underwater and the lake near my house flooded.
Road crews are out picking up branches and fallen limbs from the main street in town.
Hurricane Irene came ashore in North Carolina Friday and moved north through New England and eastern Canada on Sunday and Monday.